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Building Your Own GPT

Friday, November 17, 2023

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I learned the other day that Chat GPT is actually helping people make their own GPTs. What I found amazing about this and why I wanted to share it is that anyone can make a GPT now. 

As a business owner, these GPTs can help with a ton of different business functions so I thought I'd write a little about this using Chat GPT.  So there is a little bit of me in here and a little bit of Ai.  Pretty cool right? 

First of all, GPT means Generative Pre-trained Transformer. Ok. What does that do for me? 

I found it interesting that it's not just for the coding elite anymore. These AI wizards are making waves for their uncanny ability to mimic human banter and handle tasks that would normally have you pulling out your hair.

Why the Buzz Around GPTs?
- Speaking Human: GPTs are becoming the go-to for anyone looking to break down the language barrier without breaking a sweat.

- Tailor-Made Tech: Custom GPTs mean you can build a bot that's all about your business needs, whether it's fashion or finance.

- Taskmasters: Imagine offloading your tedious to-dos onto a digital buddy that never tires.

Programmers Can't Get Enough
Crafting a GPT is like having a superpower. Programmers are all over this, pushing the limits of AI to solve complex puzzles in a snap.

What's the Big Deal?
- Complex Problem Solving: GPTs are juggling problems like seasoned circus performers.

- Data Whizzes: They can sift through mountains of data and find the golden nuggets of insight.

- Custom Creations: The demand for personalized AI solutions is through the roof, and GPTs are stepping up to the plate.

Tomorrow's World With GPTs
Peering into the crystal ball, the future with GPTs looks dazzling.

- AI Integration: From your local clinic to the stock market floor, GPTs could soon be part of the furniture.

- Seamless Conversations: Chatting with AI will feel like nattering with an old friend.

- Ethics and Rules: With great power comes great responsibility. Expect to see some digital rule-making as GPTs grow smarter.

In a Nutshell
Building GPTs is a heady mix of potential and challenge, like teaching a super-smart parrot to talk. They're our future helpers, advisors, and possibly friends. With the tech world buzzing, the next GPT might just be the creation of the programmer in the next cubicle, ready to chat about the weather, stock prices, or the best pizza in town. It's a wild, wired world out there, and GPTs are just getting started!

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